Mind your own busyness

busyThe importance of slowing down in a world where busy has become the new blackIn terms of the evolution of man, the measurement of time has not been around very long, but it has become one of the most precious commodities of our age. We never seem to have enough of it.  Everyone is always so busy and, in the age of multitasking, being busy is seen as a must but at what cost?In today’s world we are driven by the need to succeed, to prove our self-worth. If we’re not busy, we’re not successful. We like to feel valued, and the busier we are, the more valuable we become…or at least that’s how it feels.Whilst we’re busy being busy, we risk missing out on life and the things that really matter.See the full article published on elephant journalhttp://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/08/busy-is-the-new-black/