About Jess Stuart

Do you struggle to find enough time for the competing demands in your life?  Do you feel the pressure to fit societal norms; make your parents proud, impress your boss, keep your partner happy and raise great kids as well as fulfilling your career ambitions?

Do you long for more hours in the day, are you exhausted from trying to be all things to all people whilst always coming last on your own list?

Is work-life balance an elusive dream?  Do you worry what others think?  Despite your achievements do you never quite feel enough, like you should be doing better? 

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I’ve been there and I know there’s more to life and that change is possible but I also know how hard that feels to tackle when you’re overwhelmed and close to burnout.

I help busy, high achieving career women find more time for them, reprioritise what matters, build resilience, beat the overwhelm and keep calm in the chaos, discover your true self and believe you can.

With inspiring books, practical on-line courses, empowering workshops, motivational talks and one to one coaching.

I believe that tapping into your potential doesn’t mean doing more or having to be different.  It’s uncovering what’s already there and being enough as you are.

Discover the steps to define your own success without having to be CEO or PM or adding to your to do list (do anything extra).

I love it when clients recognise their accomplishments and start believing in themselves.  Helping them see how amazing they really are and what they’re capable of.    

Others thank me for inspiring them to see the best in themselves, helping them realign to their true self, get the job they want, gain the confidence to celebrate their achievements.

Nothing lights me up more than seeing my clients uncover their full potential, define their own success and have those aha moments that help them be their best.


My Story

I spent 15 years in the corporate world chasing success, money and status, it made me rich but not happy.  At the same time I was trying to be the person I felt I should be, making my parents proud, achieving in my job, finding a man to settle down with.

Despite my success I always felt like I was close to failing, that I’d be found out one day and that I wasn’t really as good as everybody said I was.  My life looked successful from the outside but felt anything but.  Regardless of the success that came I struggled to own it and always felt like I needed to be doing more.

I knew there was more but I was so busy and overwhelmed I didn’t know where to start, the changes were too daunting to begin to tackle.  There was a disconnect between who I wanted to be and who I thought I should be and I always wanted to fit in so badly. 

Eventually I burned out and everything changed.  I started to slow down, to take time for me, to tap into who I was and what I wanted.  I began to understand my values and show up authentically and redesigned success for me.


I left my relationship and came out.  I quit the corporate world to write books and help others.  Life became fulfilling and rewarding and less stressful, the overwhelm disappeared and I was finally comfortable being who I was and knowing that is enough.

Now living in Wellington with my wife and our dog I help busy, high achieving, career women unlock their potential and believe in themselves. 

Social impact is very important in the work I do which is why I offer sponsored places through local women’s groups on my events, offer my speaking services to charities who share my mission and run annual non profit events across NZ to inspire, empower and motivate women.  I’m committed to the value of lift as we climb and collaborating as I believe we are more powerful together than we are apart.