Mindfulness & Mind-set

Mental health is one of our biggest issues and topics of conversation in the modern world. We know it’s also one of the most critical things to helping us thrive at life. Yet how often do we prioritise our mental health?

The mind is where everything begins and therefore has such an impact on how life unfolds. If our mind is in the right state not only makes us happier but more productive too. A clear, calm, focused mind helps us build resilience, think more clearly, create and come up with ideas but also helps us think more positively and believe in ourselves.

We know what it’s like when our mind feels tired, foggy and unclear. Problems become harder to solve and decisions more difficult to make and everything takes that bit longer. Our mind can feel so full of information and things to do these days and this busyness of mind contributes to our feeling of overwhelm and means we struggle to be at our best.

The answer is to cultivate a better state of mind. To look after our mind, to rest it, to train it and in turn enable it to become a more positive and productive place.

Understand the neuroscience behind our mind, thinking patterns and top tips and strategies you can employ to cultivate a better mind-set and a more calm, clearer mind.

Check out this blog I wrote on how to harness the skill of equanimity to stay calm in the chaos, there’s also a video below explaining the power of our mind as well as a link to the on-line Art of Mindfulness course.

I trained to be a yoga teacher in 2014 in Australia (Byron Bay) but rather than the physical asana practice, mindfulness, meditation and the mental side of yoga has been my passion and where I’ve chosen to focus since then.  It is my passion and something I’ve delivered to corporate offices, medical practices, lawyers, community groups and more.  I led Wellingtons biggest public flash mob meditation sit in the lead up to helping organise New Zealand’s biggest and first Mindful Leadership conference in 2018.

An author of two books based on balancing our busy life and being our best I regularly coach groups and individuals in stress management and balance, mindfulness being a key element of this.

My delivery is relatable and non secular and my training varied including; Plum Village, Thich Nhat Hanh, France, living with Buddhist monks in northern Thailand in 2015 and 7 years study in New Zealand as well as my own daily practice.  I have a unique combination of eastern teachings, lived experience and application to our western busy lives, particularly in the workplace.