Mindfulness at work and in Leadership

Offering Executive Retreats, Individual coaching, in-house training sessions and bespoke programmes.  Incorporating, latest research and developments in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

I know business and I also know Mindfulness, incorporating the two and speaking in a language that can be understood and is accessible is my point of difference.  Combining a prior background as a successful Senior HR Business Partner for global blue chip organisation with extensive training and experience in Eastern mindfulness techniques.  I am a qualified life coach and have international meditation and mindfulness training. 

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Mindful Leaders Conference


One of the organisers of New Zealand's first Mindful Leaders conference in March 2018 in Wellington

Mindfulness in Business

The modern world is evolving at an amazing rate, the technological age has changed the face of how we live and work, never has resilience been so important.  The world moves faster now than it’s ever done, we are working more hours, our lives are busier, expectations are higher and the pace of life has quickened to a point where we’re struggling to keep up.   

In a world where burnout is becoming more prevalent we are looking for a cost effective solution to ensure our performance is sustainable.  Many big corporate have been proactive in this space and are already using mindful programmes including; Google, Apple, Ford, Proctor & Gamble and General Mills.

This evolution has brought about a required change in the way we lead.  Research is suggesting that emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) is now more critical than intellect and IQ.  Learn the new skills fundamental not just to your own progression as a leader but to ensure your employees flourish and are able to achieve their potential.  It's less about instructing and more about inspiring these days and leading and managing ourselves has become just as important as being a leader of people.

Benefits for the business;

  • clarity of mind leading to better performance, decision making and creativity
  • increased self-awareness, aligning with values and authenticity
  • executive stamina and resilience
  • ability to motivate self and others
  • energises for sustainable performance
  • leveraging strengths to achieve goals
  • promotes a feeling of balance for improved effectiveness
  • Self-regulation and better management of emotions

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