Busyness & Balance

We live in a world where busyness is worn like a badge of honour, and the busier we are the more successful we must be—at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

Yet we’re all rushing through life with anxiety and stress trailing behind us, lacking sleep, and in a state of constant worry without having time to rest, breathe, or to spend doing the things we love with the ones we love.

The pace of life has evolved at an amazing rate and we put ourselves under so much pressure these days in order to succeed—at work, as a parent, as a partner, and at life. Being busy makes us feel valued and needed, and it also helps distract us from our problems or being alone with our thoughts. We have over-committed schedules that we’re busy trying to add more to, and as a result, we’re no closer to thriving at life. In fact, the opposite could be true. Is this really how life should feel? Is this what life is all about?

I decided it wasn’t and began to search for balance after burning out. Through this experience and the journey that followed, I rediscovered what matters and reprioritised my schedule to match. I learned how to slow down in order to speed up, the importance of pressing reset and taking time out, and the role this plays in thriving at life.

Do you want life to feel less crazy, have more time to do the things you enjoy, get focus and clarity on the things that matter?  Stop worrying what others think, find courage to believe in yourself, commit to making your goals happen?

It’s not just you, it’s what we all want but it’s so hard to find it amidst the busyness of every day life and the competing demands on our time. We’ve all been in that boat, myself included.  Learning how to navigate it has been the turning point in my life and I’m passionate about sharing this with others.

Wellness is a trending topic but still elusive for many.  How do we find time to focus on the stuff that helps us thrive; self-care, authenticity and belief (confidence, courage – it has many names!)  Understand what matters to you and how to balance that with the demands of life.  Keep calm amid the chaos and give yourself space to succeed.

I’ll help you uncover the tips you need to:

·        Discover how to slow down to speed up – battle the busyness and be productive

·        Understand what matters to you and how to do more of it in your life

·        Live a more content, calmer life

·        Improve your wellbeing and confidence

·        Master the art of balance and find more time for you

·        Live an authentic life

Check out our events and coaching for more or find out about mindfulness and resilience courses to help you balance your busyness - also available for your workplace!

I trained to be a yoga teacher in 2014 in Australia (Byron Bay) but rather than the physical asana practice, mindfulness, meditation and the mental side of yoga has been my passion and where I’ve chosen to focus since then.  It is my passion and something I’ve delivered to corporate offices, medical practices, lawyers, community groups and more.  I led Wellingtons biggest public flash mob meditation sit in the lead up to organising New Zealand’s biggest and first Mindful Leadership conference in 2018.

An author of two books based on balancing our busy life and being our best I regularly coach groups and individuals in stress management and balance, mindfulness being a key element of this.

My delivery is relatable and non secular and my training varied including; Plum Village, Thich Nhat Hanh, France, living with Buddhist monks in northern Thailand in 2015 and 7 years study in New Zealand as well as my own daily practice.  I have a unique combination of eastern teachings, lived experience and application to our western busy lives, particularly in the workplace.